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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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lyonnais valley. 41 fairfield. if there is any puff of a breeze your temps are held up a little bit. half-moon bay 32. that is impressive. you can see how everything carves itself on out of there. including the graphic. lots of sunshine. cold morning as you know. 20s to the north bay. maybe a few locations. sunny and cool. highs in the 50s here. low to mid and a few upper 40s. here is sal. steve, good morning. we are doing pretty well when it comes to the roads. we are watching for anything to happen. we don't have any reports of anything related to the roads. but if there is really cold weather there is a possibility that if there is any water on the road at all it could freeze up but we have not heard of anything like that right now. this is a look at the commute if you are driving on the bay bridge it looks good. moving along to the san mateo bridge its a nice dry heading out to the high-rise with no major problems. if you are driving in the bay
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area on 580 through the livermore valley, that is off to a good start. we will be watching closely for the traffic on the altamont pass and 880 to get busy. let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news from the south bay. investigators still on the scene of an early morning fire at a san jose mobile park. it started shortly after 2:00 a.m.. ktvu katie utehs is telling us crews are looking for the man that lived in the burning mobile home. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. i spoke to a neighbor that helped the elderly man jump start his car yesterday. that may be the last time anybody saw this man. let me show you video we took 15 minutes ago as fire investigators take their first look inside the mobile home. its located in casa elle han doctor mobile home park. people started calling 911 shortly after 2:00 this morning as smoke and flames could be seen from the freeway. fire crews responded to a fully
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engulfed mobile home. now the crews have put the fire out. they are trying to locate the man that lives here. they are in his 70s and don't have a cell phone number to reach him. >> we are not sure about the occupant. >> reporter: the neighbor i spoke with said he helped the man start his car so he could go to work. he also said that the man may have had a daughter living with him but that daughter moved out about a month ago. so again fire investigators still trying to locate him and they just investigators just got the first chance to step inside the building so they are still working to determine wham caused this -- determine what caused this fire. too early to say wham caused this fire. we will keep you updated at 5:00. live in san jose katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news.
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4:32. happening now many people in the bay area are waking up to freezing temperatures. a freeze warning is in effect until tomorrow morning in the north bay where temperatures fell into the 20s over night. that is colder than the overnight lows in new york city, chicago, and even detroit. the frosty temperatures can pose a danger to crops and cause pipes to burst. >> a few years back we had it for ten days and it wreaked havoc. >> the cold temperatures pose a danger to the homeless. all 80 beds at the redwood gospel were taken over night and many people slept on mattresses on the floor. if you are heading to the sierra, be sure to carry change. a storm that could bring a foot of snow. chains are not required on interstate 80. several ski resorts are open and have about a half foot of new snow.
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sugar bowl ski resort could open. an arraignment is scheduled for a san francisco man suspected of killing a person over a video game system. 21-year-old suspect ronnie collins is accused of shooting kennal walker. the victim had posted an online ad selling a play station four consul for $600. the victim attended santa monica college and was home for the thanksgiving holiday. the defendant in the lax shooting is due in court today. the first hearing will be at a san bernardino county jail where he is being held in federal custody. he is accused of walking into terminal three and killing a tsa officer and wounding three other people. investigators say the unemployed motorcycle -- police haven't had any luck and may have been the victim of a possible kidnaps. an ac transit bus pulled up
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around 6:00 last night. police say the bus driver saw a man approach a woman that was sitting on the bench. the two struggled and the man took the woman away in some bushes. >> we received assistance from the highway county patrol who searched the surrounding areas. using their infrared. >> a search however has turned up nothing. investigators spent last night looking at video taken by surveillance camera aboard a bus. they described the woman and man as asian from 20-40 years old. a family in pleasanton is asking for help to find a 13- year-old girl who walked out of her home sunday morning. they are concerned about her young age and because she was last seen with three males. they got a tip last night from a friend. according to the tip the eighth grader may be in the san jose
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area. >> anna, its not your fault. its nobody's fault we just want you back at home. >> anna cease family says she was bullied on social media and enrolled in independent studied. she hasn't made any contact with friends or families on social media which she normally uses often. and here's another look at anna. she is 5'5", weighs about 130 pounds. she has black hair and brown eyes and last seen getting into a four-door coupe. anyone with information is asked to call pleasanton police. later this morning the search for a pilot and his family is scheduled to continue in the rugged the idaho wilderness. dale smith was flying his plane with his two children and spouses when that plane went missing over a rural part of central idaho. smith reported engine trouble during a flight from oregon to montana. he is the cofounder of a san jose computing firm.
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his business partner says every one at the company is waiting for word on the search. >> its been a couple days now. the longer this goes on, the more worrisome it gets. but we are still hopeful. >> yesterday searchers detected a faint signal from the plane's transponders but have not been able to pinpoint the exact location. time is 4:37. san jose police are investigating a crash that killed a bicyclist. it happened just before 7:00 last night. police say a man was riding his bike envies tap park drive when he was hit by a car. the man was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. the san jose police union has approved a labor contract with the city after months of contentious negotiations. it gives officers a pay raise of just over 10%.
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a police union spokesman says that will bring salaries back to where they were in 2009 before a 10% pay cut. many officers have left the san jose police department in recent years. the size of the force have decreased to about 900 today. time is 4:37. the kiss pewter the -- the dispute over the new bart contract system heading to court. they have filed a lawsuit against the transit agency. it claims bart's board of directors broke state law when it approved a contract without a key provision. they contend the board was legally obligated to accept or reject the total contract. not just eliminate the costly paid family leave clause. >> cannot refuse to ratify a total package agreement for an improper purpose. or without good cause. >> a lawsuit is going to delay a resolution to this contract dispute that has gone on for too long. for months if not longer.
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>> legal experts say this lawsuit is certain to add more tension to an already heated labor dispute. >> there is no question the filing of a lawsuit ups the anti in terms of tension, but the fact is there is no lawful impediment for the parties at any time to go back to the table and negotiate and reach an agreement. >> the unions are not ruling out the possibility of going on strike again and shutting down that entire transit system. it would be the third time this year. cal trans is getting ready to show off the new lights at the tower of the new bay bridge. they already installed thousands of special led lights on the eastern span 200 cables. the next step is to light up the bridges 525-foot tower. they hope the new lights turned -- they hope the new lights will be turned on by the end of this month. people being forced out of
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their homes as parking lot of a toxic cleanup on treasure island are starting to learn more about when and where they will be able to move to. 24 households along the western and northern shores recently received notices they will have to move out. the navy says it needs to continue cleaning up toxic material under ground and ground water contaminated with arsenic. many of the effect the residents continue a meeting with the authority. officials say people's health is not at risk but not everyone is convinced. >> they have not done any survey of island residents to say hey we have health issues on the island. >> those who have lived on the island the longest will get the first chance to choose the location to move to. a rail workers union says the engineer admitted to losing
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focus and was in a daze seconds before the crash. that train derailed after hitting a curve at 82 miles an hour which is three times the speed limit. investigators have a limited mechanical failures and focusing on human error. rockefeller told them he slammed on the brakes five seconds before the train ran off the rails killing four people and injuring dozens. universal pictures says it will donate proceeds from the dvd sales of fast and furious six to actor paul walkers charity. walker has helped establish reach out worldwide which devastated haiti in 2010. providing skilled resources in the aftermath of disasters. police are still investigating the crash that killed walker and his close friend on saturday afternoon. and friends and costars of paul walker are helping the family with funeral arrangements. so far no date has been set. the church has announced that they are going to picket the
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funeral. a controversial group says god killed walker for quote enticing people to live a fast and furious lifestyle. too close to the real thing. coming up in our 5:00 hour the backlash over a fake health care website launched by state republicans. and getting high-tech at dinner. good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area on highway 4. we will tell you when the traffic is beginning to slow down. its our first three dog night that is for sure but how cold is it and what? low snow levels by the weekend.
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welcome back. time is 4:45. just as president obama begins a three-week public relations campaign for the new health care law, another lawsuit was filed against the affordable care act. the university of notre dame
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filed a religious challenge to the health care overall saying the requirement that health plans cover birth control violates roman catholic teachings. it is among 80 lawsuits attacking the new law on religious grounds. president obama has launched a campaign to highlight the benefits of the new law while republicans continue to attack it. >> this bill was fundamentally flawed. causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their health plan, and if that is not enough, they have to pay much higher prices at the same time. >> you've got good ideas? bring them to me. let's go. but we are not repealing it as long as i'm president. >> ultimately it will be the supreme court that decides whether employers can offer certain insurance benefits under the law. but that ruling is not expected until well into next year. anonymous approval to include electronic cigarettes around the city's ban on
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smoking. they use batteries to heat a liquid solution that contains nicotine and other chemicals into a vapor. that makes them safer than regular cigarettes. but even if that is true it can lead young people to take up smoking. the richmond city council will have a second reading of the proposal early next year. if approved it could become law three months after that. apple bees will add something newtous tables next year. they hope to have tablets in place in 1800 restaurants. customers will be able to order appetizers and desserts and pay their bills using the tablets. waiters would still take orders for entrees. chilis and i-hops are considering a similar move soon. santa claus will have a special escort on norad's special tracker. the animated fighter jets are drawing criticism from child advocates.
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norad is the joint u.s.-canada military command. officials say they want children to know santa is safe wherever he is flies on christmas eve. >> got to make sure santa stays away from mccarthur maze though. its a mess sometimes. [ laughter ] >> i think he has priorities on whatever way he is on. >> there is no, ma'am traffic on christmas -- there is no traffic on christmas. its pretty clear. expect for santa claus. let's take a look at what we have now. right now traffic is actually moving along pretty well at the bay bridge toll plaza. we were mentioning the holidays. we are still a few weeks off for not having a lot of traffic on these days. i think that the week before christmas a lot of people did have that time off and certainly the week before christmas and new years. but today i think we will have a regular backup on 80 westbound for sure. we are beginning to see signs of that. and we're watching it very
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closely. also looking at interstate 880 heading south, the traffic looks good. but people are already getting on the road. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. very good morning everybody. we have clear skies. a little puff of a breeze here. it will be sunny today. its cold on the coast. brandon hurley up to 33 in half- moon bay. what? yeah. forestville its 29. there will be a bunch of 20s up in the north bay. that is where the freeze warning is out. also for those watching us in the se lin unanimous valley the freeze warning applies. there goes our system from yesterday. its moving into the four corners behind that very dry but cold air is filtered in. livermore, fairfield any breeze you can get a good 10-12-degree difference. 38 in san jose. 42sfo. a little chill for them. i'm sure santa rosa will dip in
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there. i think there is a little north breeze at two or three. eight up in tahoe. eight degrees and 20 up in reno. my buddy john said its cold up there. it is. its cold all over the west. our system has moved out. there will be a system clipping us late friday and saturday. with that cold air in place we could get very low snow levels on here. we will get rain. 20s in the north bay. sunny and cool later on today. maybe a little breeze here and there. 50s today or 40s. it will be a cool day. east 50s won't be there very long. it will be a very chilly day for many. extended outlook has sunshine. friday morning is okay. friday afternoon evening cloud it up. again low snow levels late friday into saturday. another cold one on saturday. ground breaking traffic. driver pulled over using google glass heads to court. pocketing loose change. who's been collecting almost
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$400,000 from security check points. i love watching tv outside.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. sonoma county supervisors are taking steps to prevent shootings like the one that took the life of 13-year-old andy lopez. the board has approved spending a quarter million dollars to equip deputies with lapel cameras.
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he was shot when a deputy mistook lopez's air soft bb gun for a real assault rifle. despite mounting pressure and a protest the district attorney says she will not rush her investigation. the west contra costa school district is upping their -- it comes after this video fighting with a transgender student went viral and sparked a district-wide peteing. at the meeting parents and students say they have reported incidents of bullying but nothing was done. the new regulations will be put top public vote -- will be put to public vote in jan. fighting what they believe to be the first traffic ticket tied to the new world glass. the chp pulled over cecilia for speeding on a san diego freeway. officer then discovered she was wearing google glass. a high-tech device that you wear just like that. like glasses.
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so the chp officer added distracted driving to her citation but her google grass was not turned on when she was pulled over. >> its on. the device is physically on but its not active. if i do either these or these you can see the screen light up. >> she is one of the first people in the country to test the google glasses which won't be in store until next year. so her traffic court fight could prove to be a test case for the future. a new poll shows what californians think of the presidential candidates. nearly 40% have a favorable of chris christie. the former governor of florida jeb bush gets 29%. ted cruz 24%. marco rubio 22% and ran paul comes in at 21%. everyone by christie had higher
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unfavorable ratings than favorable. this comes at the obama administration looks far replacement for the current second in command at the pentagon. when shitakes the position she will become the highest ranking woman ever. fox most recently served as the pentagon's director. time is 4:54. the tsa is opening offices where people can register for the tsa precheck program. that allows people to have their own line at airport check points. they also don't have to remove their shoes or coats or take out laptops or liquids. it takes about $85 to enroll for four years. you need your photos and fingerprints taken as well. in the meantime in the past two years the tsa says it has collected more than $400,000 from spare change left at security check points. right now tsa agents can pocket
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any loose change left behind that might be changing as well. a georgia congressman is cosponsoring a bill that would require the money be donated to various charities including the uso. san francisco man says he is more than grateful for a generous tip he got from a person carrying out acts of kindness across the country. andy was recently given a $1500 tip on a $468 check. he says he didn't believe it at first until his manager confirmed the amount. >> i would like to say thank you so much. it made my day. my life much better. thank you. >> it appears the mystery tipper has left more than $50,000 in tips at restaurants across the county. the tipper signs the bill tips for jesus and posts a picture of the tip on instagram.
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people are steering away from giving their children unusual names this year the top ten names for girls included sofia, emma, olivia and isabel la. coming up in our 5:00 hour protecting cyclists from road rage. the measure one bay area is considering that would punish angry drivers. the cold snap could have a big impact on farmers.
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we're live until san jose where a mobile home fire has destroyed a home and investigators are searching for the elderly man who lived there. i will tell you what we have just learned from those crews that searched the home. we are live in walnut creek where jack frost is paying a visit to windshields and lawns. we'll tell you where this cold snap is hitting hardest. a possible kidnapping in
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the south bay. the struggle a bus driver saw at a bus station that made him call police. state republicans have their own health care responsibility. the backlash over a fake website. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. and good morning. you are taking a live look at a neighborhood until san jose where firefighters are still on the scene of a mobile home fire. the fire started about three hours ago. it is now out but the search for the owner of that home continues at this hour. ktvu katie utehs is live on the scene and she will have an update for us in a few minutes. good morning and welcome to the morning news. it is wednesday, december 4th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and


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